What do I do if I find a Kindness Rock?

You found a kindness rock! Now what? You can keep it or place it in a new spot for someone else to find. A lot of people keep the rocks for a few days, or keep rocks with special meanings for them.

After I found my first rock, I searched for local groups through social media to see what other painters were doing. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have joined some amazing groups through Facebook including #BeniciaRocks, #VallejoRocks, and #FreebirdRocks.

Jonah a Kindness Rock
Jonah found a ladybug! Now he can keep it or re-hide it for someone else to find.

Look on the back of your rock. If there’s any information about the person or group that made the rock, it would be a special kindness to post a picture to the group of the rock you found. A lot of people like to keep the first rock they find, or special rocks that are meaningful to them. Kindness rocks make colorful additions to cactus or fairy gardens.

Fairy Garden Magic
Magical and Whimsical Fairy Gardens!
Come find me!
Butterfly rock nestled against a tree in a local park
Fairy Garden Dragonfly
Fairy Garden Dragonfly