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How To Paint Kindness Rocks

Now that you’ve seen kindness rocks, I’m sure you’re ready to make some of your own. I’ve tried to break the process down into four easy steps to get you started!

Octopus thmb

Painting Octopus Rocks

Painting a 3-D octopus coming through a portal. Step-by-step tutorial with tips and tricks.

Fanciful Beetles

Pixie Beetles

Now that spring is here, I’ve been painting a whole bunch of beetles. The fun of it is that beetles in nature have so many beautiful colors and patterns. Somehow, rocks and bugs seem to go together.

St Paddy's Day Thmb

An All-Round Lucky Day

Today was particularly lucky because we got our first Covid Vaccinations this morning plus we also got our stimulus check (double WOOT) … and as if my happiness cup wasn’t already overflowing, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day…

Jo & Derrie

Poems to Pebbles

As I said, I have always liked rocks. The very fact of them being generated by the forces of nature and then just waiting around to be appreciated staggered me as a kid.

finding kindness rocks

What do I do if I find a Kindness Rock?

You found a kindness rock! Now what? You can keep it or place it in a new spot for someone else to find. A lot of people keep the rocks for a few days, or keep rocks with special meanings for them.

gnome and hearts

What is a Kindness Rock?

Kindness rocks are part of a world-wide scavenger hunt where people paint stones with messages or images and place them in locations for others to find as a “random act of kindness”.