Fanciful Beetles

Pixie Beetles

Now that spring is here I’ve celebrated by painting a whole bunch of beetles. The joy of it is that beetles in nature have so many beautiful colors and patterns that you can let your imagination fly! Before I knew it, I had a rainbow of beetles to set loose.

A Rainbow of Fairy Beetles

Somehow, rocks and bugs seem to go together. It’s great fun to hide these bright little spots of color and personality in the shrubbery for someone to find. I love succulents and these little bugs look very snug tucked into fairy gardens and succulent arrangements. I can’t prove it, but I’ve heard that Fae Folk like ladybugs for transportation, and Pixies can take on the characteristics of beetles and butterflies. Some fashionable ladies might even find inspiration from the humble beetle.

Beetles are a good gateway bug for new rock painters and young artists alike. The very nature and shape of river rocks can be almost bug-like even before you apply any paint.

Painting Ladybugs

Hey Bug!
By Lilian Moore

Hey, bug, stay!
Don’t run away.
I know a game that we can play.
I’ll hold my fingers very still
and you can climb a finger-hill.

No, no.
Don’t go.
Here’s a wall–a tower, too,
a tiny bug town, just for you.
I’ve a cookie. You have some.
Take this oatmeal cookie crumb.

Hey, bug, stay!
Hey, bug!

The Backyard Zoo - Beetle

My absolute favorite book as a child was a little Hallmark pop-up called “The Backyard Zoo”. The very first sentence of the book is “Do you know your yard is full of animals?” As an avowed animal lover that was desperate for pets, this was great news to me! The little book talked about the birds, insects, and smaller creatures that you can find in most yards and this notion had a lasting impact. I wonder who originally gave me that book, and if they knew how much I treasured it.

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