St Paddy's Day Thmb

An All-Round Lucky Day

St. Paddy's Basket
A basket of lucky rocks

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Today was particularly lucky because we got our first Covid Vaccinations this morning.  Bonus – we also got our stimulus check (double WOOT) … and as if my happiness cup wasn’t already overflowing, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. I guess I’m a wee bit giddy with all the excitement.

1st Vaccination
Woot! We just got our first jabs. Can you see our smiles?

Franklin and I celebrated by walking around downtown Benicia and planting rocks along the way. You might call Franklin a bit of a rock hound. Then again, you might not.

Benicia Gazebo
Franklin helping me place a rock in the Benicia Gazebo

Along the way, I found a cute little rock that was planted by a member of the Benicia Rocks group.

Found Rock!
I found this little beauty in a great spot. I'll keep it for a few days and then find a new home for it for someone else to find.
Benicia Art Bench
There's a beautiful mosaic table and benches in the Benicia City Park. This crab is grabbing a bit o' luck,
Shamrock Community Garden
Shamrock outside the Benicia Community Garden
Why settle for a Sham-Rock when you can have the real thing?
Good Boy Rowdy
Wait for it, Rowdy... waaait.... OK! Good Boy!
Old Paint in Benicia
I loved the colors and peeling paint along with this rock. An old theater in downtown Benicia provided a great backdrop.
Faith and begorrah- there be Leprechauns around Benicia
Rainbow Shamrock
Rainbow Shamrock placed near flowers. I like to place the rocks near colorful spots if possible.


Thank you Mag Pie from Benicia Rocks for finding and posting a picture of the “crab bench” rock being found. If you find any of these rocks, I would love to hear from you! You can post them to JoJoRocksOn Facebook page

Crab Bench Rock Found
Found by Mag Pie and posted to #BeniciaRocks!
Found Shamrock
This shamrock was found hiding in my niece's front yard by Jonah and Theodore. Thanks for the photo Brittney!

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