Ocean theme painted rocks

Rocking Kindness

Not all who wander are lost…


…some are just looking for rocks.

I like rocks. I always have.
Enter 2020 – a year of social isolation and uncertainty from a global pandemic. I’ve turned to the simple things for comfort and amusement, and along the way discovered the Kindness Rock movement. It’s a great excuse to dabble in paints for the pure joy of it and to share with others. I’ve also tried my hand at mandalas and garden stones and have created a Gallery to share some of my latest creations, and a Blog to share stories along with tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy perusing my site and would love to hear from you in the comments.

Basket of Valentine's Day Hearts
Basket of Valentine's Day Hearts

We found our first Kindness rock on one of our favorite walks along the Benicia waterfront.  I had a vague idea of the kindness rock movement, but had some questions:

What is this “Kindness Rock” thing all about?
I found a painted rock! Now what?
How can I make my own kindness rocks?

We checked it out online and found a thriving community of painters of all ages. It turns out that there are many local groups that participate and share their creations online.

I fell in love with the concept of kindness rocks and couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty and try making a few for myself.

A new obsession was born!